1998 AZIMUT LEONARDO: due to a serious failure to the drive shaft on the left-hand engine (MTU 16V 2000 Hp), it was necessary to remove the engine itself. Given that it was impossible to remove the engine from the door of the aft garage, removal was implemented from above. This was a particularly demanding task so the procedure was performed exclusively by specialised boatyard employees according to the following process:

  • Dismantling of the jacuzzi tub, the saloon roof and all connected equipment
  • Surveying the coaming of the hatch and cutting the decking on the flying bridge
  • Following careful study of the design plans, surveying the exact position of the coaming on which the cover hatch of the engine room had been resined
  • Cutting of the decking of the saloon and removal of all corresponding equipment
  • Removal of the engine
  • Complete overhaul of the propeller
  • Restoration to original state
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