Boat optimisation

Racing boats

The expertise and passion with which the employees and management of the Navalbalsamo boatyard operates has seen us work with leading professionals in the world of competitive sailing.

In 2006, the Regatta Yacht Service was created, along with our boatyard's competitive team comprising of one J 24 and two 40', which take part in the most illustrious championships in their respective classes, achieving outstanding results.

Boat optimisation

A technical partner with racing boats

The excellence that we have achieved in optimising racing boats has allowed us to invest heavily in this sector, so that today we work with renowned boat designers and builders, and perform works to racing boats such as: adapting to hull and deck tonnage limits, prow and rudder templating, prow and rudder alignment, rating optimisation, hull finishing, design and construction of details in composites and advanced composites.

Working in close collaboration with professional sailors, the Regatta Yacht Services carries out Rigging checks and adjustments, mast centring, and yacht development and testing. 

Navalbalsamo Regatta Yacht Service offers its services as a technical partner for all types of racing boats, from keel to blue water yachts.

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